The Curry Mansion Inn is committed to providing an accessible website. If you have difficultly accessing content, have difficulty viewing a file on the website, or notice accessibility problems, please contact us to specify the name of the accessibility issue and any assistive technology you use.

We strive to provide the content you need in the format you require. The Curry Mansion Inn welcomes your suggestions and comments about improving our ongoing efforts to increase the accessibility of this website and we look forward to welcoming you to our unique property.


Due to the nature of our historic building and architecture designed to keep the structures above a hurricane surge, all buildings have from four to eight steps up to the first level, all with hand rails. The property is accessible from the street via sidewalk, brick, pavers, or concrete slab construction, with some sections slightly sloped.

A wheelchair lift is located at ground level adjacent to the reserved parking and handily opens onto the first level next to our accessible room. Our reserved parking space is 8’ wide and is accessible for car or van to provide wheelchair access to the property.

Check-in is located on the first level and is accessible through a ramped entry doorway (see site plan).

The Front Desk TTY, TDD accepts round or square handsets, has a user-friendly, 44-key, PC-type keyboard and Messages may be viewed on a 20-charater fluorescent display. Our fire alarms have sirens, lights and flash when activated.

In addition to our accessible room, there are 7 guest rooms on the first level in our Guest Wing accessible by lift from the parking area. There are a total of 16 second-story rooms on the property reached via stairs; and 4 first level rooms located across the street with four steps onto the porches.

Our pool is open from early morning until sunset and is equipped with a pool lift.

Curry Mansion property layout


Our accessible King Balcony Room is located on the first level adjacent to lift from the reserved parking area. Our accessible room has a ramped entry and balcony. Doors are 36” wide with key and handle entry, no key cards. Draperies are equipped with 60” fiberglass 4” loop easy grab wands.

Breakfast service and evening cocktail party are conveniently located right outside our accessible guest room.

The room features a roll-in bathroom, outfitted with grab bars, and All-In-One Alerting Solution that alerts to an incoming telephone call, doorbell, and doubles as an alarm clock. The system alerts you in 5 different ways: built-in LED lights; loud audible alarm; strong bed-shaker; flashing words across the large display; and picture icons that light up when activated. In-room entertainment monitor has closed captioning.

Our Accessibility room is located on the first floor of the Guest Wing adjacent to the wheelchair lift. A ramped entrance to the spacious King Balcony room that features our signature canopy bed with crocheted topper and hand-made quilt; a roll-up mirrored vanity and roll-in bathroom are portrayed in this photo.