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Spring is here!!!
April 02, 2010

We have survived our coldest winter in the last 100 years and are currently enjoying balmy weather in the mid 70’s to 80’s.  It is the perfect time of year in the Keys.  Fisherman say May is the best month for fishing; with sailfish, large cobia, tarpon, mahi mahi and wahoo all being caught regularly.
The wind has finally died down making any actvity on the water a joyful experience.  In May, turtles are mating so it is not unusual to see several of them on any boat excursion.  The warmer waters also seem to make the dolphins in our area “feel the joy” and there are many reports of seeing them leaping up out of the water playfully. 
We are very happy that the tile work in all the bathrooms in the guest wing is complete.  The new tile looks very fresh and stylish.  We have a couple of other projects planned for the summer, that we will try and schedule around our fishing, diving, and boating activities:)